“Every time I volunteer, I feel more and more connected to the older generation.  We talked a lot, and it was eye opening to hear about how they were dealing with all the different things going on in their lives.  The seniors were very motivated to learn, but I also learned so much from them.”[…]

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“I was very surprised to see how little most senior citizens used technology.  They had no idea how useful technology could be.  Through teaching them, I was able to witness each senior begin begin see the parts of technology that could make aspects of their lives more convenient.  Technior has been one of the most[…]

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Forever Friendships

“My grandparents used to be the only senior citizens I knew well.  Today, I have a roomful of senior pals!  It makes me feel honored to be able to teach them something that could make their lives easier. As I taught them the basic concepts of technology, they told me so many fascinating stories and[…]


Perception Change

“I’ll admit that before Technior, becoming close friends with senior citizens was an unfathomable idea to me.  Since then, my perception of the older generation has greatly changed. I now love meeting them and getting to learn about their lives! We’re not so different after all.” – Evan D.


Highlights of My Days

“Teaching Jerry was a joy. We really bonded, as I taught her new things about technology and learned new things from her about life. She said that I reminded her of her ambitious grandchildren, which she enjoys seeing in younger generations. For me, seeing her progress with technology became the highlights of my days.” -Zach[…]



“It’s been so enriching to be able to teach seniors who are always eager to learn. They’re ready with questions, and it’s such a thrill to see them understand a new concept or feature about their device. I can’t wait to meet even more seniors at our next Technior class!” -Sarah S.


Helping is a Gift

“All the seniors are so kind and loved to interact with us as much as we loved to interact with them.  Their openness made me want to open up to others too.  While I was able to teach them something, they taught me something much more important: that helping is a gift.” -Aliana C.